About Us

Hi there mystic! 

Our names are Martha and Dylan, we are a couple from Cape Town, that loves to research and explore fantasy and mythological worlds. Mythology Studio is both the name of our studio and the name of our Illustrated articles project. We research ancient mythologies, looking for lessons and concepts that still apply today in our modern life. Then we deliver our findings in the form of short articles with original Illustrations and Illustrated products in our online shop. 

We both love fantasy books, video games, metaphysical books and historical fiction. From our interests, we were inspired to create Mythology Studio to express our love for stories that are filled with magic and mystery. Driven by a need to bring magic back into our lives, we started looking into ancient wisdom for ideas on how our ancestors used practical tools and their imagination to make the world more magical. 

This website is a fun and practical way to share our ideas with other Modern Mystics. And our shop is a warm and playful space to tell our modern take on ancient mythologies and old tales. Using charming, hand-drawn digital illustrations, our intention is to create products that hold special meaning to our customers. 

Go here to discover ancient mythologies. Or browse the shop for modern mystic accessories.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us an email at mbalaile@mythologystudio.com