About Us

Mythology Studio, was started with the belief that everyone’s personal space should feel like their sanctuary.

We believe that your surroundings can influence how you feel. Your space should mirror your style while maintaining an uplifting atmosphere. We aim to go beyond decorating – We're here to support your journey to create a place where you can sink into and be yourself! We have beautiful artwork for you that’s perfect for creating a fun and charming aesthetic.

Welcome to Mythology Studio, let’s build inviting, magical spaces together!

About The Artist.

Hi, welcome to Mythology Studio! I am Martha Balaile, the lead artist and creator of Mythology Studio. I started Mythology Studio with the goal of creating art that enhances people’s lives with a touch of playfulness, whimsy, and magic. I love the idea of creating personal spaces that feel like a sanctuary. Whether that’s curating a whole room that lifts your mood whenever you’re there OR just one special coffee mug at your work desk that just brightens your mornings. 

Most of my art has a fun ethereal feel; with themes of delicious food, plants, magic, and whimsical characters. I prefer some soft relaxing colours and some charming playful colours. I hope to create work that adds to your journey of turning your personal space into your magical sanctuary.