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“Lavender Haze” Art Print - Mythology Studio


Wild Woman Collection

What if your personality was your super power? 

“Wild woman” is a collection of four drawings; they are a reminder to embrace the aspects of ourselves that stand out. What makes you different is also what makes you special, that’s what we call your  “Wild energy”. 

The images express four different characters expressing their personality traits as superpowers.

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Wild Woman Collection


Elegance is in the curated details. Elegance seems effortless and graceful. However elegance usually takes work and careful thought. It’s deliberate creation; the ability to see beauty and show it to others. Elegance is having a vision and the talent to present it gracefully. 

This woman is deliberate and thoughtful. Her life is her canvas; she takes joy in curating her wardrobe, her home and experiences. It’s a treat to know her and a privilege to be invited to spend time in her world. 

Wild Woman Collection


It takes strength to be Sweet. Everyone faces challenges in their lives, even people who are sweet. They aren’t sweet because they don’t have any problems. They are sweet in spite of what they have experienced in their lives. 

That’s the person this image represents. A woman boldly riding into the battlefield of life. But she has a side that is gentle, playfully indulging in the small pleasures of life. 

“Lavender Haze” Art Print - Mythology Studio

Wild Woman Collection


Wisdom is really like having magic. The wise woman seems to have a situation for every problem. Like she can make anything happen. The truth is her wisdom comes from experience. Wisdom is proof of challenges faced and conquered. 

This image represents the wise woman. A woman who knows so much because she has been through a lot. She embraces all the lessons learnt and gifts them to the world. 

“Victory On Lilac Wings” Art Print - Mythology Studio

Wild Woman Collection


Bravery is a light. The brave woman has the courage to move forward into the unknown. The only certainty she knows is that she will take the next step. Being brave isn’t being strong, it’s taking one more step forward. 

The woman in this art print shows a metaphor for bravery. Bravery is a beacon that wards away your fears. She lets her courage shine the way forward in the dark uncertain times. 

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