Warrior Self Commissions


Warrior Self Commissions are custom art requests where I draw you as an alternative warrior version of yourself. If you don’t want to use yourself, you can also use a character that you have created. You can pick from 3 ‘Warrior Self’ types and then customize that archetype to suit your own personality. I will then create custom Artwork of your Warrior Self to show off your fierce side.


Queen Self

Goddess Self

Priestess Self


Pricing Options:


Profile Friendly: $30

  • Square artwork of the head and shoulders.

  • Great for online profile photos.


Symbolic: $85

  • Half Body Illustrations that stop around the waist.

  • The Artwork is usually in a portrait (vertical) orientation.

  • These are great for focusing one one or two specific details or symbol.

  • They are also great for keeping balance between focus on the character’s face and seeing some of the background behind them.


Full scene: $200

  • Full body Illustration, this can be in the form of an Illustration with a background

  • OR as a character sheet with the front and back views of the character and two or three items.

  • The Artwork can either be in a portrait (vertical) orientation OR a landscape (horizontal) orientation.

  • These are great for a showing off your character’s surroundings or getting a good overview of the character from different angles.


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