Mythology Studio
Fantasy Character Art

Terms of Sevice

Terms and usage of art commission service for Mythology Studio.


Terms Of Service


General Info:

* I reserve the right to deny any request I am uncomfortable with.
* If you want to be mentioned as the commissioner please let me know.


* All changes/ revisions/ adjustments must be expressed in the sketch stage.
* No changes will be made to finished commission.
* Changes allowed only if I missed something requested in writing, at the beginning or during the revision stage.

Turnaround time: 

* Once payment is made you will be assigned a commission slot
* Please refer to your commission slot as to the start date of your commission.
* Please review sketches within 48 hours of receiving them.  
* Delays in the review stage will be added onto the turnaround time, e.g 1 day delay will result in a day added to deadline


* Once I confirm the commission request, payment must follow within 24 hours.
* Payment guarantees the commission slot

Usage of Commissioned Artwork:

* Art commissions are for your personal use. 
* Artwork for commercial use on request only; please contact me with detailed info.
* Always re-post artwork with proper credit to me as the artist. 
* I retain the rights to display artwork I create in my portfolio and galleries online and offline.
* I retain the rights to use artwork I create to promote my services.
* However you are welcome to buy exclusive usage rights of the artwork; this allows you to decide if I can display the artwork. 


* Once commission is confirmed and payment has been made there is a 50% cancellation fee. 
* Delay Refund: Artwork not completed within 3 weeks qualifies for a refund based on the progress completed. 
* Delay refund only applies if the delay was not due to pending customer approvals.
* Cancellation at sketch stage gets a 50% refund
* Cancellation at line art sage gets a 50% refund
* Completed Artwork does not qualify for a refund