“Fabrication” Modern Boho Giclée Art Print

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This is the third illustration in a series based on a story from Norse Mythology. This artwork is titled ‘Fabrication’. Loki, Norse God of mischief, has angered Thor, Norse God of Thunder, and now he is looking for a way to earn his mercy. Loki had played a prank on Thor’s wife Sif, Goddess of Wheat, by cutting off her hair - here he seeks the help of the Dwarf Ivaldi to restore Sif’s hair. 

Ivaldi, and his sons, own fabricators which they use to create a crown that will restore Sif’s beautiful hair. Loki is satisfied with the results and he is actually quite relieved that he may escape Thor’s anger this time. 

This is the third print in a series which tells the story of how some of Norse Mythologies most powerful weapons were created. Told and illustrated in a modern style with a warm aesthetic. The print is printed on luxurious  fine art quality paper. We ship internationally via airmail from Cape Town, South Africa.


Product Details:

  • Printed on premium archival paper.
  • A4 size, (8.27 x 10.9 inches or 21 x 27.7 cm)
  • Thick paper made of 100% cotton from Hahnemühle
  • White border around the print. 
  • Mythology Studio Logo subtly at the bottom of the print.
  • Printed, Packaged and Shipped by us from Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Ships Internationally.