Ostara Goddess of Spring & Dawn - Art Print

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Product Description:

Ostara is a Germanic Goddess of Spring. It was said that Ostara brought with her rebirth, renewal, and fertility to the land during the beginning of Spring. She was responsible for reawakening the earth and supporting the growth of new life. It was Ostara that warmed the winds, helped the trees to bud, and the snow to melt. As a result Spring is seen as a time of hope, new endeavors and revitalization.

Product Details:

  • Printed on premium archival paper.
  • 11x14 inches size (28x36 cm).
  • Fine orange peel texture feel to the paper.
  • White boarder around the print. 
  • Name of the print, collection and Artist at the bottom in a subtle way.


This art print was created to inspire you, as a Modern Mystic, to embody your ancient mythological archetypes. They are a great addition to any personal or altar space in your home. 

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