The Modern Warrior Oracle  

Project Status: Illustrations in progress


What is The Modern Warrior Oracle?

I'm into the idea on creating new Modern day Mythologies or maybe just bringing old favorites into the modern times. My Illustrations are inspired by adventure, mythology, magic and the esoteric.

Currently I am working on Illustrating 3 decks of Oracle cards. Each deck follows a different character interacting with a different world. The idea of the cards was inspired by ancient female Goddess archetypes in Mythology. Each card explored a different aspect of everyday life through the eyes of that specific character. The cards are created to inspire contemplation and perhaps provide some guidance, in a similar way to tarot cards.


Building The Deck.

I am currently in the first stages of creating the Oracle cards. That’s great news! It means that you can watch this project come to life. I will be sharing the artwork of each card as I create it on Instagram. I invite you to follow along as I share the inspiration and meaning behind the cards.

I will also be going more in depth with the Oracle deck system that I am working with on Patreon. This will be a great space to hangout if you are interested in symbolism, mythology and tarot; there is a Discord server where I have conversations with you. You will also get access to art prints and wallpapers based off of the Oracle cards.


* Rough sketch of the cards


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