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Building a Comic: Location sketches

In my process, ‘location sketches’ are a rough exploration of how the background will look, while ‘environment design’ is more specific and takes into consideration specific props that are needed for that scene. Above are is a sketch of a kitchen in a house where the main character, Celeste, lives with her Grandmother Iris.

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Building a Comic: Character Outfit Designs

Designing the character outfits before I start drawing the comic will be really helpful later. I won’t have to stop to design outfits for a character each time they need a new outfit in a different scene.

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Non-Boring Ways To Hang Up Artwork

One of the most frustrating things in decorating your space, is the struggle to hang art up on the wall. Framing can be difficult and/ or expensive, and if you live in an apartment or rented house you may not have permission to drill into the walls. I can’t even put up those sticky picture hanging strips where I live now. So here are a few alternative ways to hang up your artwork.

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