Celestial Child Comic

Celestial Child Ep1.1.png


Celestial Child is a Fantasy webcomic that I have created. It is about the quiet bravery of a young woman in an oppressive futuristic society.

Being raised in an African society, I noticed that ideas of strength are different from the superhero comics I used to read when I was younger. The women around me viewed bravery and strength as being able to overcome fear and do what must be done to protect those around you.     

I wanted to explore a different kind of strength in female characters. In traditional comics, strength in a 'female hero' involves hand to hand combat, swords or busting down doors and overpowering 'bad guys'. Celestial Child looks at female rebellion in a more feminine way that isn't explosive or extremely violent.  

I am also looking into the idea that the ability of female character are always questioned. In Celestial Child, the female characters I show how capable they are to take on the world.