Building a Comic: Character Outfit Designs


As I am building characters for my sci-fi/ fantasy comic called Celestial Child, I will be recording the comic making process. I am currently working on outfits for the cast of the comic. Above are outfit designs for the main character, Celeste, to wear to an important function in the story. This is stage 2 in my comic drawing process, to catch up on the previous steps start at this blog post .

Designing the character outfits before I start drawing the comic will be really helpful later. I won’t have to stop to design outfits for a character each time they need a new outfit in a different scene. Celeste’s Outfits are designed in sets of 3s so that I can explore different options for the same outfit. Celeste has more designs compared to my other characters because her outfits will set the mood for all the other outfits. For example if I chose middle outfit for event then the other characters around her may also wear sandals. Another example is if I chose the first green dress with a pattern, all the other characters at the event may have solid colour outfits so that Celeste can stand out.

Designing all the character outfits in advance will allow me to get a clearer overview of the whole story. I can see how outfits vary in different Cities based on the values of the people who live there. Creating random supporting characters that appear once will be easier too. Depending on what is happening in the scene, I can allow Celeste to stand out by contrasting her outfit with the supporting characters. I can also allow Celeste to blend into the crowd using her outfit if the scene calls for it. I can even show that she has something in common with another character using outfits.

Next step location sketches to inspire the backgrounds.

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