Building a Comic: Character Line up

Celestial Child family line up_mythology_studio.jpg

I am currently working on a sci-fi/ fantasy comic that I wrote called Celestial Child. I will be recording the comic making process (to read about why I am doing this read this blog post). Today I am sharing the first Character line up; Celeste and how she compares next to her grandmother, father and mother.

A character line up is useful in comparing how outfits look together, character height differences and character body shapes. Character personalities are also easier to pick up in a line up, I expressed the character’s personality in their stance. Celeste’s Mother, Scarlet, (far right) is rigid and strict compared to Celeste, who is playful.

Celeste and her grandmother, Iris, (far left) have casual outfits in warmer colours while her parents are in uniform. This is an important detail in the story. Now that I have a line up it is interesting to see the contrast between the uniform and the casual clothes, their outfits represent the differences in location and lifestyle.

Celeste is short, which she takes after her father (center right), in the line up I make their heights similar. This is important for me to keep in mind when I start drawing the scenes for the comic. There would be a difference in how Celeste would hug her mum compared to her dad for example or her grandmother might angrily stare down at her in an argument.

Next step I will share my characters’ outfit designs.

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