Building a Comic: Blog Series


I am currently working on a sci-fi/ fantasy comic that I wrote called Celestial Child. I have had a finished script for over a year now, but every time I worked on the comic I got stuck. Because the story takes place in a fictional world, there are a lot of unusual settings. I realized that I was struggling because I was winging it with the drawings. Every time I came upon a character, object or location I hadn’t drawn before, I stopped. Then I would start designing that character, object or location. But because I was so eager to get back to the story I would rush through the design. Understandably, this wouldn’t do the story any justice.

Now, I have taken a step back and put the story on hold until I can figure out the concept art for the entire story before I jump in again. I will be documenting this process on my blog so that you can follow along. I hope that my learning experience can help you in bringing your own comic to life.

I have broken down the Concept art into 7 parts that I will blog about as I go. Sign up for my newsletter in the tab above to get updates on these articles as I post them.

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