Mythology Studio Manifesto

I recently created a Brand Manifesto for Mythology Studio as inspired by Melissa Cassera who teaches a really cool content creation Mastermind called OBSESSED. The whole idea is to create a Brand/ Business that you are Obsessed with, this helped me re-think what I want Mythology Studio to be.

Since Mythology Studio is an Illustration brand, I wanted my manifesto in a simple comic form. The comic below helps me remember the most important things behind what I do:

  1. Be A Friend: Most important to me is to treat people in a friendly and welcoming manner

  2. Epic Adventures: That is why I draw! I always want to be exploring awesome adventures with my Illustrations.

  3. See The Magic In Life: Epic Adventures includes IRL (In Real Life) adventures. The real world can be fascinating too.

  4. Have Fun: Not just me, everyone who comes into contact with Mythology Studio should have a fun experience (even if its just 2 minutes of time well wasted reading a comic).

Mythology_Studio_Manifesto_Comic (1).jpg