Online Class: Designing Character Outfits

I created this class because there is a lot of information on ‘How to draw clothing’ and ‘How to draw anatomy’, but I had to put in effort to figure out ‘How to design outfits for my characters’. My goal was not to be a fashion designer but to figure out how to give my characters outfits that suit their personalities. Especially without explicitly copying someone else’s idea. 

When I figured it out, creating character outfits seemed to come naturally to me. In this class I tried to break down my way of thinking when I am creating character outfits. This is a conceptual illustration class that is less about how to draw but more about what to draw. 

I will take you through my process; from finding visual inspiration to thinking about different versions of the same character. We will explore reference images,  time saving techniques for creating multiple concepts quickly and translating the ideas into a finished Illustration.