Say Everything… without using words!


Do you remember when you were still in school, studying from a textbook? The best textbooks had beautiful illustrations of the solar system or a Victorian costume. I don't know about you, but when a lesson had an illustration next to it, i would recall it quicker than if it was just an endless wall of text. Not to sat that well written text is not important, but the images just brought concepts to life! I understood things faster and recalled them more easily during a test.

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Illustrations are pretty powerful when it comes to communicating ideas. We have all had a time where it was so difficult to explain something. We get frustrated to the point where we just whip out a piece of paper to draw what we mean. And then the other person goes “Ah! I get it”. That is the power that a drawing can have. You can explain the solar system, or show someone how crazy 1900s dresses were… Or you could have a drawing of yourself in an 1800s dress floating in the solar system (I’m not judging).

I mean, humans have been communicating through drawings since our hunter gatherer days! Something about seeing a drawing taps into our deeper sense of understanding, you really can pack a hundred words into a picture.