3 Tips: Better Character Art Commissions


**Please Note these prices are for Non- Commercial use. For Commercial work get a quote here.


Below I will share with you three things in my creative process that are there to make sure you are happy with your commission. These steps reduce the commission time by reducing the need for revisions in two ways. First you are part of the process as I create so that there are no surprises to you . Secondly you have a chance to make changes before we commit to the final Illustration.

1. Sketches

Sketches allow me to get different ideas to you quickly. They give a loose idea of what the finished artwork will look like. When you can, even vaguely, visualise the finished art, we can plan and decide what parts to keep and what you may not like. 

2. Colour Keys

Colour keys are a great way to test colours quickly before committing to the final. These are simple colour thumbnails done on the chosen sketch from step 1. This is also part of the planning stage to make sure that we are going in a direction that you are happy with. 

3. Final Sketch

The final sketch is where you can see exactly what the art will look like. This step insures that we are on the same page before I start on your final Character Art. This step is a preview of what you can expect.


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