Non-Boring Ways To Hang Up Artwork

One of the most frustrating things in decorating your space, is the struggle to hang art up on the wall. Framing can be difficult and/ or expensive, and if you live in an apartment or rented house you may not have permission to drill into the walls. I can’t even put up those sticky picture hanging strips where I live now. So here are a few alternative ways to hang up your artwork. I hope that you will find one that you can use in your home or office.

Skirt Hanger Frame

If you don’t want to spend on a frame and you have an old Skirt Hanger lying around, this is for you. This is a 2 minute quick solution! This works if you have nails already on the wall or some kind of knob or railing that you can hang the skirt hanger on. The hanger can be adjusted and you are up-cycling! (Bonus).

No Drill Acrylic Frame

This one is for the renters. If you are not allowed to makes holes in the wall I have 4 words for you, “No drill Acrylic frame.” You just secure the art onto a piece acrylic sheet, stick some fancy bolt looking decorations in the corners and then stick the whole thing up on the wall. The best part about the solution is that it looks fancy.

Wall Grid Shelf And Some Pegs

If you want something that blends into your desk space, then this solution will interest you. If you have a wall grid like the one below (This one is from Urban Outfitters), then you can just use little pegs or bull clips to hang up the artwork. You can also hang up your work notes and reminders too. The great thing is that it is easy to change up your artwork as often as you want.

Headboard Pegboard

For those of you living in pretty much your bedroom, or a studio flat. Here is an option that involves your bed. You can use a Pegboard and hang up your photos on that. You can drill only a few holes and still have a gallery of artwork. If you can’t make holes in the wall, you can just get a longer pegboard that stands up on the floor. You can add other decor elements and even shelving where you can stash your phone if you don’t have side tables!

Washi Tape Faux Frame

Lastly here is a really fun option that requires minimal effort. This solution creates the illusion of a frame created with Washi tape. Washi Tape comes in all kinds of colours and patterns so you can have your frame metallic, pastel or with little chubby Corgis floating on clouds.

Have fun decorating your space!

*If you are feeling inspired by all the cool ways to hang up artwork, you can find my Art prints here.