How my Art has changed in just a year and a half!


I first got my iPad Pro and Apple pencil in mid 2016 and I spent a long time trying to figure out my digital art 'style'. I loved using texture and so I gravitated toward digital pencil and textured brushes. I was also playing around with a naive, whimsical look.

Even though I later went to an Art College, I originally learnt how to draw from comic books, anime and cartoons on T.V. Most of those artworks had strong line art and bold colours. The naive and textured work that I was creating on my iPad just didn't "feel like me" (Artist problems). Later, I noticed that the desire for texture and 'less conventional' looking work were picked up at Art School, from what I thought 'good illustration' looked like.  

Eventually I decided to go back to the kind of work that made me fall in love with Art in the first place; comic style drawings with strong line work and flat colours. I still keep a whimsical feel by allowing my lines to be imperfect.