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Mythology Studio Illustration Blog. Illustration Art journal where I share sketches from my digital and traditional sketchbooks, art tips, personal character commissions, drawing challenges and updates of my illustration.

How to commission Artwork

Some of the questions that you might have are; Where do I find an artist? How much will it cost me? How long will it take? What does the artist need from me to get it right? What if they go away and create this project, then I don't like it when I finally get to see it at the end?

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3 Inktober Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Life gets in the way, you miss a day because you spent it at a friend’s birthday and came home too tired to draw. In my own experience, things go downhill from there. So, in anticipation, this year I have a plan for going into the Inktober challenge. This plan is simple and addresses 3 main areas that contributed to my dropping out of the challenge last year.

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How my Art has changed in just a year and a half!

I first got my iPad Pro and Apple pencil in mid 2016 and I spent a long time trying to figure out my digital art 'style'. I loved using texture and so I gravitated toward digital pencil and textured brushes. I was also playing around with a naive, whimsical look.

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Become A Patreon, Get Access To Content

Patreon is a place for people who love adventure, stories and, most of all, Fantasy. I enjoy creating characters, plots and environments for you to explore and get to know. 

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3 Tips: Better Character Art Commissions

Three things in my creative process that make sure you are happy with your commission. These steps reduce the commission time by reducing the need for revisions in two ways.

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