Oshun Goddess of Sweet Waters - Walnut Framed Altar Print

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Product Description:

These Art Prints exist to help you create a sacred space that inspires you to embody your higher self through ancient mythological archetypes. Fill your life with focused intention. Created with the modern Mystic in mind, these prints can easily be a part of a morning or evening intention setting practice.

The art print is small enough to fit onto a regular sized altar and can be a powerful intention setting tool that discreetly forms a part of your modern home decor. 

  • If you have a busy lifestyle, this beautiful art print will remind you of your goals and that you are capable of becoming more of who you want to be.
  • Working with a very specific daily ritual? This art print allows you to use it creatively however you think it best fits into your practice.
  • Even if, you have tried traditional tools before, this art print brings a fresh perspective on intention setting.

Find out if Oshun energy can boost your intention. You can read about it here

Product Details:

  • Only 50 pieces will ever be printed.
  • Beautiful walnut frame made with natural wood.
  • Frame handmade to match the unique sized art print exactly.
  • 5x10 inch size, perfect for side tables, altars, desks and hanging on a wall.
  • Printed on high quality semi gloss paper that’s coated to preserve its vibrancy and protected by glass so the print lasts longer.
  • Archival and acid free materials.
  • D-rings and cord for easy wall hanging. 
  • Perfect as a focal decor piece for your sacred space.
  • Reminds you that your intentions are within reach.
  • Reminds you to embody your ancient God/Goddess archetype to reach your goal.

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