Character Design Commissions


Character Design Commissions allow you to take an idea that you have for a character and turn that into a vibrant and descriptive artwork. The image can show off your character’s personality, sense of fashion, their items and the world that they live in. Send me an email for both personal and commercial commissions


How does it work?

Mood Board

The first thing you will receive is a collage of inspiration images so that you can visualize the direction of the artwork. This will include inspiration images for your character’s clothes, hair, accessories and background. This is the plan for the the final design.

Below is a piece of the mood board for “ReImagine Work Podcast” Art.

* Mood board Images from

* Mood board Images from


Next you get sketches of a few different compositions, pulling inspiration from the elements in the mood board. These sketches are possible options of what the final artwork could look like. There are usually 3 different sketches for you to chose from. The one you chose will be the skeleton for the final design. At this stage you can request small changes like a different hairstyle or jacket.

Below are sketches for “ReImagine Work Podcast” Art.



At this stage you will be presented with colour options applied on the sketch you have chosen. The colour will be influenced by the mood of the character, the environment (if it is a commission with a background) and/or the mood board.

The colour sketch “ReImagine Work Podcast” has the characters blending into the natural environment and so cooler tones were more appropriate.

ReImagine_Work_cool tones.jpg

Finished artwork

The final version of your character with a charming professional finish will be delivered to your inbox! Since you get to make choices throughout the process this is as much your creation as it is mine. Post it, frame it or just stare at it, the last step is for you to enjoy the artwork!

Below is the finished Artwork for “ReImagine Work Podcast


Are you excited to bring your characters to life? Click the button below to send me a description of your character and I will get back to you soon with different Artwork options to suit your needs. Looking forward to meet your amazing characters!