Sif Goddess of Wheat, Fertility, and Family


Pantheon: Norse

Sif is portrayed as having sublimely beautiful, long golden hair. She is a goddess of the harvest and Autumn, and her hair symbolizes farm fields abundant with golden wheat. Her name means “related by marriage” or literally "wife" and she is the married to Thor the God of Thunder, the Sky and Agriculture. 

Sif and Thor are parents to a son Modi and a daughter Thrud. The marriage between Thor and Sif is referred to as “hierogamy” or divine marriage, which generally takes place between a sky god and an earth goddess.

Associated Aspects: 
Vitality, Abundance, Autumn, Family, Changing of Seasons

Appearance: Representations of Sif always show a young, very beautiful woman with long, flowing golden hair. Her hair was often described as golden as the sun or as fields of ripe wheat on a sunny day

Personality: There are not many references to Sif's personality. However looking at her aspects and role we can assume that she is very giving and vibrant, a mother like figure and one who has a sunny personality

Animal Associations: There are no known animals associated with Sif

Plant Associations: Rowan, Wheat

Symbols: Golden Hair, Autumn Leaves, Bread, Hair combs. 

A Popular Legend

Loki's Gifts: Sif, wife of Thor, had the most beautiful hair of all the gods, one night Loki paid Thor and his wife a visit and decided to play a prank on the Goddess. Once she had fallen asleep, he snuck into the room and cut of a sizeable chunk of her radiant hair. When she realized the next morning, she was devastated and he husband Thor flew into a rage, wanting to punish Loki who was nowhere to be found.

Knowing the consequences of his trick would be rather harsh, Loki snuck out and visited the dwarf Ivaldi and his sons where he called in a favour. Eager to impress the gods, the dwarves created a crown for Sif that would not only restore her hair, but make it even more stunning than before. Loki was given two more gifts in addition, a golden ship for the God Freyr and a spear for Odin.

On his way back to Asgard, Loki had a brilliant idea and turned back to pay a visit to the dwarves Sindri and Brok. Showing him the gifts he already had, he challenged them to do better. Taking up the challenge, the dwarves created a golden boar for Freyr, a gold ring for Odin and a mighty hammer for Thor.

In the end, Sif and the other gods were delighted with their gifts and forgave Loki.

Historical practices.


Harvest Ritual: To celebrate a successful harvest, a feast would be held where most of the food would come from the harvest itself. So fresh baked breads, fruits, nuts and so on. A small sacrifice of food and mead would be made to the relevant gods and goddesses, Sif being one of them.




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