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Ostara is said to originate from Germany where it was said that she brought with her rebirth, renewal, and fertility to the land during the beginning of Spring. She was responsible for reawakening the earth and supporting the growth of new life. It was Ostara that warmed the winds, helped the trees to bud, and the snow to melt. Spring was seen as a time of hope after the harsh winters of ancient Europe. Ostara, and Spring,  was a sign that no matter what harshness or coldness covers the Earth, it will be reborn again.

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Goddess Art Prints, Yoruba Pantheon -

Oshun is the Yoruba Goddess of sweet water and fertility. This goddess even has a river named after her in Nigeria. This Goddess is said to be the cosmic force of water, moisture and attraction; these are also seen as feminine traits. She is also the model for the power of women in terms of having both great strength and loving kindness.

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Goddess Art Prints, Roman Pantheon -

Diana is normally associated with the Greek Goddess Artemis, in fact in some depictions, they are identified as the same goddess. The Goddess was believed to talk to wild animals and maybe even control their actions. It's interesting that Diana was goddess of the hunt but she also respected and protected wild animals. In many ancient cultures hunters were mindful of the preciousness of life.

According to legends, Diana swore that she would not marry. She was wildly independent and refused to be attached. 

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Gods Art Prints, Norse Pantheons -

Origins. Pantheon: Norse / Germanic parents: Bor and Bestla Siblings: Vili, Vé Spouse: Frigg Children: Baldr, Thor Odin is the ruler of the Aesir tribe of deities and the ruler of their home, Asgard. He is however known to venture far from his kingdom on long solitary wandering through the cosmos in search of knowledge. He is a relentless seeker and giver of knowledge. Odin prefers to make his own judgement over following established societal standards of justice, fairness, law or conventions. As such he was considered the divine patreon of rulers, outlaws and misfits. He was also the God...

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