Creative Process

This is a previous client project for the Boundless Podcast.


Mood Board

Before I start the artwork, I create a collage of inspiration images so that you can visualize the direction that I will go. I look for images of the kind of clothes, hairstyles, poses and backgrounds that I plan to use in the final artwork.

Here is are examples of mood boards for ReImagine work. One shows the outfit ideas and the other shows the composition for the background.

Art Direction Reimagine Work-05.png


Next I sketch out a few different compositions, the idea is to try and pull together all the elements in the mood board to create a variety of possible artworks. I usually present you with 3 different sketches, each exploring a different look.

For this podcast cover I wanted to explore the differnt character poses, keeping in mind that this is a square artwork and will have text at the top.



After you have chosen a sketch that you prefer, I move on to the colour. I add colour at the sketch stage because it is still easy to make changes here. I can swap out colours in areas that aren’t working yet.

The warmer tones in this colour sketch were the first version of the colour palette. However the idea was to have the characters feel natural in their environment and so cooler tones were more appropriate.

ReImagine_Work_Colour_warm tones.jpg
ReImagine_Work_cool tones.jpg


At this stage, you will have a very clear idea of what the final artwork will look like. I re-draw the artwork with digital ink and add colour neatly. I also add effects and lighting to add mood to the image. The finished artwork i then ready to be delivered in whatever file format you specified in your order. Post it, frame it or just stare at it, the last step is you enjoying the artwork that we have created together:)

Here is the final Podcast cover and a screenshot of the Podcast on iTunes. You can check it out here.

Reimagine Wok Podcast_IRL.PNG