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Magical Fantasy Illustrator

Hi! I am Martha Balaile, a Fantasy Illustrator living in Cape Town, South Africa. My goal is to figure out how magic, mythology and fantasy can have an impact on real life. How could reading a fantasy comic inspire someone to become a travel photographer? Or a pilot? That’s what I want to find out. Taking inspiration from anything self development; from wellness podcasts to epic legends I am creating art that is filled with subtle lessons on living a magical and adventurous life.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communications specializing in Illustration. Under the Mythology Studio name, I now create comics and illustrations that are playful, yet usually comment on a deeper aspect of life. I am currently working on an Oracle deck with fantasy Illustrations that hold real world guidance. The cards were inspired by ancient mythology and tarot cards.

My favourite things to do include listening to wellness podcasts while I work, practicing my tarot card reading and going on an adventure in beautiful fictional cities of online multiplayer games.


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