About me

Magical Fantasy Illustrator

Hi! I am Martha Balaile, a Fantasy Illustrator living in Cape Town, South Africa. My goal is to figure out how magic, mythology and fantasy can have an impact on real life. How could reading a fantasy comic inspire someone to become a travel photographer? Or a pilot? That’s what I want to find out. Taking inspiration from anything self development; from wellness podcasts to epic legends I am creating art that is filled with subtle lessons on living a magical and adventurous life.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communications specializing in Illustration. Under the Mythology Studio name, I now create comics and illustrations that are playful and dream-like, yet usually comment on a deeper a thought. I am currently working on an Oracle deck with fantasy Illustrations that hold relevant real world knowledge. The cards were inspired by ancient mythology and tarot cards. I also create custom artwork for people who enjoy a sense of wonder, adventure and secretly believe in magic.

My favourite things to do include listening to wellness podcasts while I work, practicing my tarot card reading and going on an adventure in beautiful fictional cities of online multiplayer games.

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